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7 Seas Brewery

Located in picturesque Gig Harbor, in the historic Heidelberg Brewery.  This brewery has been voted best brewery in the South Sound by South Sound Magazine 6 years in a row.  A must-have on tap!


Bainbridge Brewing

This local brewery hails itself from our neighbor, Bainbridge Island.  With flagship beers and their seasonals, there is never a shortage of fantastic beer from Bainbridge Brewing.


Chang Beer

“Change Beer has a pleasant full flavor, with a subtle fruit and hops aroma, delivering a natural easy-to-drink brew.  The barley specially selected for Chang has a low level of protein, to give our later its bright, golden clarity.”  Sourced, brewed and bottled in Thailand- a Thai favorite.


Guiness Beer

Since 1759, Guiness has been brewing some of the best dark brews.  So, when you think Guiness, you think deep, dark stout.  But Guiness does offer an array of exceptional lighter beer as well. 



Described by one connoisseur: “…an extremely smooth and easy to drink beer. There is definitely a distinct rice flavor combined with a lemony aftertaste.”  Definitely a delicious Japanese beer.


Silver City Brewery

You know them, you love them.  They’ve been around awhile…since 1996 to be exact.  And their array of offerings will tempt the pallet, no matter what your preference is.  The original brewery is located in growing Silverdale, WA.  And with their growth, they moved their actual brewing facility and tasting room to Bremerton, WA.  You can find them bottled in stores across the state.


Singha Beer

An award winning Thai beer and #1 exported…this is a beer to not miss!


Sound Brewery

When you offer local beer, you must include the award winning ones!  Sound Brewery, one of Poulsbo, WA’s most popular breweries.



Born in 1903 This Chinese beer now has 69 breweries across China.  This brand is a light beer offering and pairs perfectly with any meal.


Valholl Brewery

Again, we must offer a local, award winning brewery!  An award winning craft brew since 2010.


WINE: CK Mondavi

A third-generation family owned winery, centered in California.  Since 1949, this winery has produced generations of exquisite wines.  And since 2014, is 100% US made.  A perfect pairing with any dish we serve.



SAKE: Hakutsuru Sake

We offer the best-selling Japanese brand, Hakusuru Sake.   Enjoy a glass of sake by itself, in a cocktail, or better yet, try our Sake Bomb.  Best served warm, the sake is dunked into a glass of beer – drink immediately.  Enjoy!


CIDER: Seattle Cider

Seattle Cider is the first cidery in Seattle since the Prohibition.  A craft cider, with the natural flavors of our Washington apples.  This cidery produces yearly ciders, seasonal, as well as limited editions and harvest ciders.  All delicious.


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